The Process

What happens when I go solar?

Initial Consultation

Understanding Your Energy Needs

The journey starts with an initial meeting with solar sales professionals. Homeowners provide their electric bills, allowing analyzation of their energy usage patterns. This step helps design a system tailored to meet the unique energy needs of the household.

Typically, homeowners are introduced to their dedicated solar project manager after agreements are signed. Along with your salesperson, project managers become a crucial part of the journey, assisting not only with the initial assessment but also guiding homeowners through financing options and facilitating communication throughout the entire process.

Sun Exposure and Shading Analysis

Maximizing Energy Production

Solar professionals assess the sun exposure and shading conditions around the home. This involves evaluating the orientation and tilt of the roof to maximize sunlight absorption, optimizing the panel layout for increased energy production.

Roof Condition Assessment

Ensuring Structural Integrity

The next step involves a thorough examination of the roof's condition to ensure it can support the installation for the solar panels' lifespan. If needed, homeowners may choose to repair or replace their roof before installing solar panels.

Customized System Design

Tailoring Solar Solutions

With data about energy usage, sun exposure, and roof condition, solar professionals design a customized solar system aligning with the homeowner's specific requirements. This involves selecting the right type and number of solar panels, inverters, and other components, like batteries, for optimal energy production.

Collaboration with Utilities and Authorities

Navigating Permits and Approvals

Once the design is finalized, the solar sales staff work with local utilities, city inspectors, homeowners associations (HOA's), and other authorities having jurisdiction to obtain necessary permits and approvals, ensuring compliance with local regulations and building codes.


Bringing the Vision to Life

With permits secured, the installation process begins. Professional installers place panels according to the customized plan, connecting them to the electrical system for seamless integration with the home's infrastructure.

Inspection and Activation

Quality Assurance

Following installation, the solar system undergoes a comprehensive inspection to ensure it meets safety and performance standards. Local authorities may conduct final inspections to verify compliance with building codes. Once approved, the system is activated, and the homeowner can start harnessing the power of the sun.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Long-Term Sustainability

Post-installation, many solar providers offer monitoring services to track the system's performance. Regular maintenance ensures the solar panels operate at peak efficiency, maximizing the return on investment over the system's lifespan.

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